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Why Wilmoth & Associates!

There are a number of important reasons to consider our firm for your cost segregation needs:

• Over 175 years of combined experience in cost segregation and valuation services.
• A professional staff of valuation engineers.
• A professional staff large enough to complete sizable engagements in a timely manner.
• Knowledge of engineering, valuation, construction methods, materials, and costs, and fixed asset accounting.
• Knowledge of Tax Code, IRS regulations Court Cases, audit guidelines, and Revenue Rulings.
• Experience with a wide variety of property types ranging from $1,000,000 to $250,000,000.
• Experience representing clients under audit by the IRS.
• Relied upon by over 70 national and regional accounting firms to assist their clients in maximizing their non-cash depreciation deductions through cost segregation.
• All work under direction of a former valuation partner and firmwide head of cost segregation for Arthur Andersen LLP.
• We follow the recommended procedures and guidelines for a "quality cost segregation study and report" contained in the IRS Audit Technique Guidelines.
• Very competitive fee structure.

Recent Cost Segregation Guidance

HCA case
Hospital Corp of America v. Commissioner, 109 T.C 21 (1997)
Landmark decision – Ruled that property qualifying as tangible personal property under the former Investment Tax Credit (ITC) rules would also qualify for purposes of federal income tax depreciation.,,id=134180,00.html

IRS Legal Memorandum 199921045
Advised its agents that the IRS would not fight the Hospital Corp. of America Tax Court decision. Additionally, this legal memorandum directs agents to verify that an engineering or architectural study has been completed to identify that portion of the building's systems not related to the operation and maintenance of the building. Without these studies, agents are advised not to accept the reclassifications.

Audit Technique Guidelines,,id=134180,00.html

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